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ABG Titan 7820 asfalt udlægger / asphalt pavers 2600 Glostrup

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Högsta bud 185 000,-
Reservationspris: 280 000,-
Budsteg 2 000,-
Moms exkl moms Moms 25% tillkommer.
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Startade:06.06.2019 14:00:00 Avslutad: 18.06.2019 14:02:24 CET



  • MärkeABG
  • ModellTitan 7820
  • Årsmodell2008
  • Chassisnummer / Serienummer782021200
  • CE-märktJa
  • Timmar12893


  • Transportdimension (L / B/ H)620/260/340
  • Transportvikt14000

Andra egenskaper


    maskinen må IKKE sælges i Norden.

    ABG Titan 7820 asphalt pavers, equipment for 7 meters.
    Automated system mini level.
    Extension pieces 2 x 75 and 2 x 25.
    The machine is in functional condition.

    the machine must NOT be sold in the Nordic countries.

    The object can be picked up by appointment.
    There is NO loading ramp at the location.
    There is no help for loading on the location and the buyer must arrange their own loading of the object.
    If there is need of crane or similar for loading it can be arranged against payment. Please contact us at least 1 week before arrival.
    The object must be picked up within 21 days of the auction ending.

    NOTE: Applies to buyers outside Denmark. Transportation and pick-up is to be made of transport agent / freight forwarder and CMR document is mandatory, when received in destination country export declaration is to be send back to LogPartner A/S, mail:
    Pick-up without CMR documentation will be rejected.

    LogPartner A/S handles sales of this object/vehicle on behalf of the owner.
    All questions related to this auction can be directed to:

    This auction object may have flaws that occur as a direct consequence of the materiel sometimes is standing still up to several months between registrations and pick up. Therefore, we cannot guaranty batteries functionality, functionality of brakes, electrical flaws, and other flaws related to the materiel is standing still.

    Viktig försäljningsinformation

    Säljare NCC Industry A/S Øst
    Plats 2600 Glostrup, Denmark

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    • Betalning ska vara registrerad innan säljaren kontaktas för utlämning
    • Alla köp ska hämtas innan 21 dagar
    • Hämtning av betalt objekt SKA vara avtalt med säljaren
    • Köparen betalar alla utgifter kring hämtning, frakt och eventuell export


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    5008579 18.06.2019 13:57:24 185 000
    5020587 18.06.2019 12:54:32 183 000
    5019947 16.06.2019 10:23:14 181 000
    5020816 14.06.2019 21:24:25 140 000
    Utropspris 140 000
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