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Highest bid 2 400,-
Increment: 200,-
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Started: 07.04.2009 13:00:00 Auction closed: 15.04.2009 20:12:29 CET

Product information and Technical condition

vm 1989
Fuel type (diesel/petrol) sähkö 380v 16 A / Electricity 380v 16 A
Mastojen määrä 12 kpl à 1,25 m / Amount of masts 12 pcs à 1,25 m
500 kg
Basket size Lavan syvyys 1,50 m / Platforms depth 1,50 m
Lavan leveys 6,00 m / Platforms width 6,00 m
Other information Toimiva

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Important sales information

Seller / Auction broker: SRV Kalusto Oy
Location Nummela

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CUSTOMER ID Date/time Bid
3200259 15.04.2009 20:02:29 2 400
3200259 15.04.2009 19:59:15 2 200
3200313 14.04.2009 07:26:15 2 200
Minimum start bid 2000
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