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VW LT35D Nærbø/Stavanger

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Increment: 500,-
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Started: 17.03.2007 14:00:00 Auction closed: 29.03.2007 20:21:49 CET

Product information and Technical condition

Meter read out (km) 161433
Engine/-output 2383m3 95.HK.
Fuel type (diesel/petrol) Diesel
11.11.2004 EU kontroll
Manufacturing number HOO4669
2 dører/3 seter
Transmission Manuell
Traction type bak
Registration number TS 21819
Accessories Hengerfeste
Other information Skjermer bak er dårlige(Løse)Defekt handbrems.
Mangler baklys høyre side En del rustskader.

Important sales information

Seller Mesta Rådal/Nærbø
Location Nærbø/Stavanger

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CUSTOMER ID Date/time Bid
200783 29.03.2007 16:11:30 5 500
200252 27.03.2007 10:38:44 5 000
Minimum start bid 5000
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