When an object is exported, the buyer is responsible for all costs, and for fulfilling all requirements concerning customs, paperwork and documentation. For all purchases made by a company registered in a non- EU country, complete export documentation is to be submitted to seller directly after export. We ask you to contact an approved logistics / spedition company to assure you fulfill all requirements. Please notice that EUR1-documents are not provided by the seller nor Retrade.

Purchases from Norway are always invoiced with VAT.
VAT can be refunded from the seller if sufficient documentation for export is submitted. Once the export has been completed you can contact Retrade for a VAT refund form which we will forward to the seller, who will handle the refund process. For a refund of VAT on purchases from Equinor, Felleskjøpet and others, the buyer needs to apply to the authorities for refund. Use the following link to find instructions.


Please note that registered vehicles are sold ex VAT in Norway.

Please contact Retrade if you have any questions, or you need VAT Refund form. E-mail: support@retrade.eu Below, please find useful contact details and information for questions regarding export:

Norway: www.toll.no - Norwegian Customs Department.
Sweden: www.tullverket.se - Swedish Customs department
Finland: www.tulli.fi - Finnish Customs Department
Denmark: www.skat.dk - Danish Customs Department
Estonia: www.emta.ee - Estonian Customs Department
Latvia: www.vid.gov.lv - Latvian Customs Department
Lithuania: www.cust.lt - Lithuanian Customs Department

Export of cars or other vehicles may have different rules. Please find more information on the links below:

Norway : www.vegvesen.no
Sweden: www.transportstyrelsen.se
Denmark: www.skat.dk
Finland: www.ake.fi
Estonia: www.ark.ee
Lithuania: www.regtra.lt

For export of agricultural machines, please check below for information on documentation requirements:

Norway: - Sunnhetssertifikat - Mattilsynet – Tel: 06040 - www.mattilsynet.no
Sweden: Sundhetsintyg Statens Jordbruksverk, Växtinspektionen Tel: +46 40 536 630
Denmark: Generell attest: www.foedevarestyrelsen.dk/Certifikater/Diverse/landbrugsmaskiner.htm
- Fødevarestyrelsen: Tel: +45 33 95 60 00


1. How do I register to take part in auctions at Retrade?
You will need a valid company / VAT number in order to register as a buyer. Click Register and fill out the online registration form. Register your company name, and other information required. Your e-mail address will become your user name. Select a personal password, 6-8 characters. Please make sure all information is filled in correctly, as this information will be used on your invoice when you win an auction. Confirm your registration at the bottom of the page. Please make sure you read the terms and conditions before accepting them. You are now registered as a user. Your account will be activated after manual verification.

2. I get error messages during my registration?
Usually, error messages show that information is missing. If you have made sure everything is filled inn and you still get error messages, please try to open a new browser window. Phone numbers and VAT numbers are written without any characters. Your password should be at least 6 digits.

3. I am registered but cannot log in?
All new registrations are approved before the account is opened. You also need to confirm your e-mail address by clicking on the link in the e-mail you received directly after registering. Please check your spam filter/junk mail if you do not see the e-mail. If you have registered using a hotmail/live/outlook/MSN address, this is especially important as these email providers have particularly strong spam filters.
When you know your account is open, but still get a message of the wrong passord, try deleting the history in your browser before trying again.

4. An error message tells me my account is blocked?
Usually, an account is blocked because it not yet opened, see Q3. An account could also be blocked if terms and conditions have been violated or contact details are missing. Please contact Retrade at support@retrade.eu for more information.

5. Where can I get more information about an item?
The auction item is described with photos, a general condition report and technical information given by the seller. On most items there is also contact details to any third party logistics partner who has described the sales item, or the seller directly, for questions or inspections. All items are sold as is.

6. Where and how can I pick up the item I have purchased?
When the item is paid in full, we will e-mail you a confirmation with the sellers contact information. The items location is given in the description on the bidding page. Item collection is to be agreed between seller and buyer. The buyer is responsible for all freight, transport and export unless other arrangements have been made with the seller.

7. I have come to pick up an item and see that it deviates from the given description/Technical Condition. What do I do?
Seller is responsible for the items sold. If you cannot find a solution on site, please contact support@retrade.eu for a complaint form. Please note that where there is a complaint, the item cannot be removed from the sellers location.

8. How do I pay for an item purchased through Retrade?
All payments are made via invoice. When you have the winning bid in an auction, you will receive an e-mail confirmation with payment details. Your invoice will then be available for download through you account. No items will be released until payment is registered by Retrade. Note that all payments are in the currency of the sellers country.

9. I have not received an order confirmation from Retrade or email with payment details?
Please check your spam filter/ junk mail and contact Retrade customer service if you think that there is a problem with your order confirmation.

10. I have forgotten my password, what do I do?
If you have forgotten your password you can make a request to have it e-mailed to you at the login page. Your password will then be e-mailed to you shortly after.

11. How do I change my contact information?
Changes can be made under "My account" when logged in. VAT numbers can only be changed by Retrade.

12. I do not wish to receive newsletters from Retrade via e-mail. What do I do?
Unmark the box in your Retrade account that concerns the automatic e-mail function.

13. Who decides the Reserve price?
The seller that decides the reserve price for each item, and the start and end time.

14. Who is responsible for the information provided about an item?
The seller or Retrades quality assured logistics partner enters all the information about the item and is responsible for making sure that the information is correct. All items are to be approved by the buyer at collection.

15. My bid is immediately outbid by a bid dated before mine
The bidder has used the auto bid-functjon, which acts as a "normal" bid. The bids are marked with the date and time when the auto bid was placed. The auto bid function raises the bid with the given increment every time the bidder is outbid, up to his maximum. Only the last autobid is shown in the bid history.

16. I have seen the same item at a previous auction?
The item might not have been sold in the first auction period, or the buyer has broken the terms and conditions. The payment term is 5 days. When an item is not paid within the given term, the order is cancelled and the item is auctioned again. The first buyer is blocked from further purchases and is invoiced the sales costs. See terms and conditions.

17. Can I change my auto bid?
Before your maximum bid is reached, you can change your bid to a lower or higher amount. Enter your new bid / maximum bid and confirm. Your new bid will have to be minimum one bid increment higher than the currently leading bid.


Retrade is an online auction for used equipment, machinery, vehicles and other surplus materials:

• Is used by the largest private and public companies in the Nordic region for sales
• Is recognized by buyers from all over the world

Why is Retrade safe and profitable for both buyer and seller?

Because Retrade has professional customer service and specialist expertise:

• International customer service - our experienced staff are available to both buyer and seller.
• Government approved system - the most secure and most stable auction system in the market
• Expertise - within machine finance, legal, tax and service charges
• Security - all settlements are handled via a separate settlement account.

Because Retrade has unique experience and history:

• More than 100,000 completed auctions, sold to 100 countries worldwide
• More than 85,000 buyers are authorised to trade

Because Retrade is national, Nordic and international:

• Has local knowledge in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland– adapted to local laws and regulations
• Has a Nordic presence and a unique understanding of the market
• incorporates its international profile buyers from around the world

Because Retrade is part of Asset Front:

• Market Leading Surplus Management System
• Complete asset management with additional services
• Provides sellers 100% visibility and control over the sales process


Retrade is based on pilot projects from 1997 up to opening in late 2006. The project initially consisted of people from some of the biggest companies in construction, industry and the public sectors, including Mesta, Cramo and the armed forces. From inception and through establishing itself in the Nordic and Baltic countries, Retrade has conducted over 50,000 auctions.

All rights to Retrade solutions belong to Integrated Cooperative Solutions AS. Under the umbrella of the Integrated Cooperative Solutions,Retrade is also part of Asset Front, the market leading Asset Management System.


Select "Register" and fill out the registration form to create an account. Your email address is your username. Once you have verified that the information is correct you are registered but your data will be sent for manual verification before your account is activated. You will receive an email asking you to confirm your email address, and a new email when your account is activated.
You are required to register as a VAT registered/ registered company for your account. Private registrations will be not be accepted. For most European countries you can check to see if your company VAT number is valid for international trade at this link: http://ec.europa.eu/taxation_customs/vies/vatResponse.html

Enter your username (email address) and the password that you chose when you registered.

"My Account"
Under "My Account" you will find your profile / personal data, your orders and order status, auction monitor and auction alerts. You can also change the password.

You can take part in auctions from sellers in all Nordic countries using one account. As of May 2017, only registered companies can take part in Retrade auctions.


Make sure you are logged in.
You will now see the auction time remaining, product reserve price, bid increment amount, and current bid. The leading bid is displayed in a separate field. In all auctions bids are ranked by the amount of the bid amount and the time of submitted bids. All auctions have a defined bid increment. All bids are legally binding. Bids below the reserve price will be binding for the bidder for 24 hours after the auction ending. You will be notified within 24 hours if the bid is accepted. If your highest bid is not accepted you will not hear from the seller.

"Place bid"
After pressing "Place bid", you come to a confirmation page where you confirm your bid or autobid. The bid will be in the local currency of the auction. Your bid is marked with in yellow in ´Bidding´ when logged in.

Add the maximum amount you want to bid in the Autobid field and press Place Bid. The bid will be in the local currency of the auction. The autobid function registers the maximum amount you want to bid for the auction. Using Autobid, your bid amount raises automatically and will be increased by the smallest allowable amount (increment) each time that someone bids over your current bid until your maximum bid is reached. You will receive an email when someone outbids your maximum bid.

Autobids are marked with an asterisk (*).
If you want to change your Autobid or add an Autobid to an auction where you are the bid leader, the Autobid must be at least one increment higher than your current bid.

Bidding in the last few minutes
If a bid is placed during the last five minutes of an auction, another five minutes is automatically added to the auction from the time when the bid was made. This will continue until there are no more new bids.

Reserve Price
All auctions have a reserve price. If the highest bid is equal to or higher than the reserve price when the auction ends, the object is sold. If the highest bid is below the reserve price, the seller has 24 hours in which to notify the bidder if the bid is accepted.

If someone gives a higher bid than yours, you will be informed of this via e-mail. In the last hour of the auction we recommend to follow the auction closely. When you are overbid you will receive an e-mail notification. This only applies to bids over the reservation price. For bids under the reservation price you will not receive an email.

If you see that you are immediately outbid, this is because someone has probably placed an autobid (marked with *) which means that your bid is outbid immediately (See ´Autobid´). On the detailed view of an auction you can find a full Bid History. All bids are identified by a customer´s bidder number.

Equal bids
If you bid against an auto bid, the same bid amount can occur (your bid is equal to the size of the maximum bid for the bidder with autobud). In the case of equal bids, the oldest bid in time (the bid placed first) will be the leading bid in an ongoing auction or bid winner in a closed auction.


If you have the highest bid at the end of an auction, and the reserve price is reached, you have won the auction. You will receive an e-mail from us confirming this the same day. If the seller accepts your bid under the reserve price, this will be confirmed within 24 hours of auction end. If you do not receive a reply within 24 hours of the auction end then the seller has not accepted your highest bid under the reserve price.

Invoices have a 5 day deadline for payment. Payment details are sent by email on the same day as the end of the auction. Your invoice will be available for download through you account.

Please note that we do not change receiver on the invoices after purchase, so make sure your company contact details are correct before bidding. We may move your order to an existing registered company account on Retrade for a fee.

All purchases via Retrade are in local currency (sellers country). Invoices in other currencies are not available. If the local currency are not available for transfers from your bank, please use EUR or USD and make sure you cover currency fluctuations and fees.

All orders are paid by invoice and by bank transfer only. Please make sure your amount is accurate. Part payments are handled manually and will delay your confirmation by extra days.

Retrades comission is included in your bid. To some auctions, a third party handling charge is added. This is clearly presented on each auction and specified on the bid confirnation site.
Payment charges are added to every order and specified in the bid confirmation.
Commission, charges and VAT are all specified on the invoice.

Late / Non-payment
When the payment deadline of 5 days is not complied to the order is cancelled. The buyer´s account is closed and a new invoice for the cancellation fee of 10% of the winning bid - (minimum of 1500 kr/150 EUR and a maximum of 15000 kr / 1500 EUR) is sent to the bidder.

All amounts are presented exclusive of VAT. VAT is applicable on all purchases where the buyer is registered in the same country that the auction is sold. VAT on sales charges is applicable where the buyer is registered in the same country that the auction is sold. VAT of 25% is applicable on all Norwegian auctions, with the exception of vehicles registered in Norway, where a fee to the state is paid in the form of a re-registration fee. VAT on the sales costs is applicable.
On objects that are exempt from VAT, VAT is applicable only on the included comission, and to added charges. If you want to calculate how much VAT will be applicable on the commission, please use the calculator link shown on the auction page.

When purchasing objects from Norway, VAT must always be paid. The VAT can be refunded from the seller after export if sufficient documentation for export is supplied. This scheme applies only to foreign firms with valid VAT number registered outside of Norway. Once the export has been completed you can contact Retrade for a VAT refund form which we will forward to the seller with the export documents. The seller will handle the refund process. This process usually takes between 4-6 weeks. Please note that for a refund of VAT on purchases from Equinor, Felleskjøpet and some others, it is the customer's responsibility to apply to the authorities. Use the following link to find instructions

If the purchase is to be financed by a finance company or a bank, please have your financing ready before the auction end. Make sure that the funding / loan limit is large enough to cover the purchase. Once you have confirmed that you have the winning bid, contact Retrade with direct contact of the finance company.

When an object is exported, the buyer is responsible for all costs, and for fulfilling all requirements concerning customs, paperwork and documentation. For all purchases made from a company registered in a non- EU country, complete export documentation is to be submitted to seller directly after export. We ask you to contact an approved logistics / spedition company to assure you fullfill all requirements.

Please contact Retrade if you have any questions, or you need VAT Refund form. E-mail: support@retrade.eu


The object is to be retrieved from the location specified in the auction ad.
Contact details for the seller will be sent by email when the invoice is registered as paid. The seller must not be contacted before payment has been received. The buyer and seller must agree directly regarding all details concerning collection.

All collection and freight of paid items is arranged and paid for by the buyer. The buyer must contact a desired transport company themselves. Please note, transport dimensions are approximations, always make sure the transportation vehicle is dimensioned for the item.

NOTE: Collection is only possible when the release note is shown at pickup. Make sure any transport companies used receive a copy of this, and other documents you will need signed for export. Where purchases of vehicles / objects that are to be re-registered, some seller requires authorisation for this.

This auction object may have flaws that occur as a direct consequence of the materiel sometimes is standing still up to several months between registrations and pick up. Therefore, we cannot guaranty batteries functionality, functionality of brakes, electrical flaws, and other flaws related to the materiel is standing still.

Collection deadline of 21 days
If the object is not picked up within 30 days after the auction end, the contract is considered terminated and the seller is free to sell the object again or dispose of it otherwise. The buyer in these cases has no right to demand repayment. Exceptions: 1) Seller and buyer has agreed other terms for pick up of the item. 2) The seller has not been available or responded to buyers´ contacts, and Retrade has been informed of this within the 30 days.
Please see terms and conditions.


We offer the online auction Retrade and the online asset management system AssetFront.
Please contact one of our representatives or one of our collaborating partners:

Assetfront/Retrade - Vegard Henaug - +47 90 89 88 26

Retrade / Logistikk Partner Norge - Logistics and service:
Martin Steen - + 47 932 80 399

Retrade / Logistik Partner Sverige - Logistik och service:
Peter Hopstadius - +46 (0) 70 638 77 71

Retrade / Assetfront
Geir Bjerkemo - +47 91627415


AssetFront / Retrade
Johnny Jørgensen:
Telephone +45 2044 1655

Retrade / Assetfront
Markus Niemelä - +358 505144116

Retrade / Assetfront
Geir Bjerkemo - +47 91627415


These are the standard terms and conditions for all purchases at Retrade.
Country specific terms are listed below.


1. Registration
A registration is required to be able to take part in any auction at Retrade. By completing the registration form, the bidder confirms that the information given about the company is correct. Any changes to the information that is required is to be reported to Retrade.

Registration is free of charge.

To enter into any transaction, the bidder must be over the age of 18 and legally able to enter into contracts for the purchase of the items in question. In order to take part in auctions in other countries than where you are registered, a company with a valid VAT number is required.

2. Privacy and data processing
By accepting the terms of Retrade, you have given permission to allow Retrade to use your / company's information in accordance with the guidelines contained in our Privacy Statement.

3. Terms and Conditions
All transactions at Retrade are governed by our terms and conditions. All bidders must confirm to have read and understood the terms and conditions before participating in any auctions. As we develop the services we offer, we may change our terms and conditions from time to time, both to add to (and delete) specific types of transactions, or to alter the way that individual transactions are conducted. Therefore, all bidders should keep up-to-date with the content of our terms and conditions.

a) Bids
All bids placed in auctions are binding. This means that if a bid is placed in an auction using your Retrade account (whether by you or someone who uses that account), the bid may not be retracted and is legally binding for you, as the account owner. If you have the winning bid, a contract is automatically created between you and the seller when the auction closes.

Bids under Reserve Price
All bids are binding until 24 hours has passed after auction end. The highest bidder will be notified within 24 hours if the bid is accepted. If the seller accepts your bid, a contract is automatically created between you and the seller. Payment details are sent by email on the same day. Your invoice will be available for download through you account..

b) Decline bids
The seller is free to decline any winning bid.

c) Closing of auctions
Retrade reserves the right to close any auction at any given time.

d) Closing of accounts
Retrade reserves the right to close accounts where users act or behave in conflict with these rules or the terms & conditions at Retrade.

e) Payment
When an auction has ended, the bid winner receives an invoice.

All payments need to be registered at Retrade within five days after the auction has ended. Payment must be registered at Retrade before the release of the item. In the event that payment is not registered with us within the given term, the sale will be cancelled without further notice and the buyer´s account will be blocked from further activity on Retrades auction sites. The buyer will receive an invoice with a cancellation fee of 10% of the bid, with a minimum and maximum amount. Please see the country specific details below.

f) Collection and transport
The buyer is responsible for all costs connected to freight and transport of the item(s). This also applies to any cancellation of the purchase. The buyer is responsible for agreeing with seller on all details concerned to pick up and freight. From the agreed pick up date, the buyer has the risk of the item, and from this point of time, the buyer must provide insurance to prevent losses. Payment needs to be registered in Retrade's system before the release of an item by a seller.

All items must be picked up within 21 days. Thereafter, the seller may claim additional costs due to late pick up. If the item is not picked up within 30 days, this is deemed to be the breach of the agreement. Items with winning bids over NOK 20,000, - excl. VAT will be posted on new auction without notice. The sale price of a new auction must first cover the costs of the seller and Retrade, including but not limited to storage, handling, administration and the like. Excess amount will be returned to the original buyer.

If items with winning bids below NOK 20,000, excl. VAT is not picked up within the stipulated time limit, the seller is entitled to dispose of the item as it suits him, including but not limited to scraping it or posting it on a new auction. Buyers who fails to pick up the item has no claim to either the seller or Retrade, including no claim on share of any new purchase price upon resale.

g) Charges
Sales commission is included in the bid, and specified on the invoice. On some auctions, handling charges will be added. These are presented on each auction and specified on the bid conformation site. Payment charges will be added to all orders. These are specified on the bid confirmation site. Charges and VAT are specifies on the invoice.

h) VAT
VAT is added to all winning bids where buyer and seller are registered in the same country. Please see below for country specific information for exceptions.

i) Bid cartel
All bid cartels or co-operation that may prevent competition is illegal.

j) Minimum start bid
Every auction has a defined minimum starting bid. All bids placed need to be higher than the starting bid.

k) Start time/End time
All auctions have a starting time and an end time, the dates are set by the seller. It is only possible to place bids within this time space. If a bid is placed during the last five minutes of an auction, the auction is automatically extended with another five minutes, from the time when the last bid was placed.

l) Bid increment
All auctions have a defined bid increment. The amount of every bid needs to be the last registered bid + bid increment.

4. Retrade's role
Retrade cannot be held responsible for the listing of, and the products offered for sale or delivery from the seller. Retrade has no control over, or responsibility for the quality, safety, or legality of items in any auctions. The seller, on the other hand, is obligated to deliver the product as described in the auction. Retrade is not party to any transactions, and only provides the technical means, and the marketplace, for transactions to be initiated or conducted.

Retrade reserves the right to withdraw listings, to close auctions early, or to extend them, where we have other compelling legal or technical reasons to do so (including technical difficulties experienced by Retrade, a seller, or on the Internet). Where reasonably practical, we shall provide reasonable advance notice to the buyer of any such steps Retrade shall take.

Retrade reserves the right to suspend or terminate any member's account which is, or appears to us to be in persistent or material breach of this agreement. Any person who holds a suspended or terminated account must not re-register with Retrade without our prior consent.

5. Retrade's liability
To the extent that the law permits, you release Retrade, its agents and employees from all liability arising out of, or in connection with any Listing or, Transaction, including (without limitation) all claims and demands relating to listings, uncompleted or completed transactions, or items offered for sale or supply, or actually sold and supplied, through or in connection with any listing or transaction.

Retrade shall not be liable for any failure to perform its obligations under this agreement caused by matters beyond reasonable control.

We will not be liable to you or any third party for any indirect or consequential loss or damage, or for any loss of data, profit, revenue or business, howsoever caused (whether arising out of any negligence or breach of this agreement or otherwise).

You agree to indemnify Retrade against all liabilities, claims and expenses that may arise from any breach of this agreement by you or through your Retrade account.

6. Severability
In the event that any term of this agreement is held to be invalid or unenforceable by judicial decree of decision, the remainder of this agreement shall remain valid and enforceable.

a) Complaints
The object is sold "as is", based on the technical information and description given in each auction. The buyer has a duty to inspect the item. The item is appoved at collection.

Should there be a situation where the buyer has a legitime claim according to current legislation, the seller needs to come to an agreement with the buyer. The item shall not leave seller's location in this case. If there are discrepancies in the actual conditions compared to the auction, buyer is entitled to a cancellation of he purchase. When a seller should not be able to fulfill the purchase, no matter the reason, the buyer waives the right to make cover purchases. The buyer can only claim refund of the bid. Complaints, refunds and cancellations are cases between buyer and seller, Retrade can not take part in the cases.

Specific terms for each selling country:

*e) The cancellation fee is minimum NOK 1500. Maximum NOK 15 000.
*f) Applies to winning bids above NOK 20 000.

VAT is added to all winning bids and for export sales, with the exception of registered vehicles. The VAT can be refunded by the seller when sufficient documentation of export is submitted. Please note that Equinor does not make these refunds - buyers of these items need to apply for refund with the Norwegian authorities.

*e) The cancellation fee is minimum DKK 1500. Maximum DKK 15 000.
*f) Applies to winning bids above DKK 20 000

With effect from 01.01.2015 the Danish Tax authorities need proof of export from Denmark and into the destination country. This proof can only be obtained by using a 3rd party freight agent. The 3rd party agent must provide the seller with a copy of the freight document at pickup.

*e) The cancellation fee is minimum SEK 1500. Maximum SEK 10 000.
*f) Applies to winning bids above SEK 20 000

FINLAND and selling countries outside of Scandinavia
*e) The cancellation fee is minimum EUR 150. Maximum EUR 1500.
*f) Applies to winning bids above EUR 2000


By signing up for Retrade, you agree that we may process personal information about you and confirm that you have read, understood, and agree to the contents of this statement.

The privacy statement describes which personal information we collect when visiting our website and use our services and how we treat that information.

Retrade is responsible for the processing of personal data provided for visits to our website or use of our services and contact with Customer Service.

Which data are we storing

The only personal data we collect is contact details for the customer relationship: first name, last name, phone number and email address.

Information saved for fulfillment of auctions and order transactions, is stored on servers owned and run by Vendo AS. Vendo AS is subject to a separate agreement as a data processor for Retrade, an agreement securing personal data from being used unlawfully or ending up in the wrong hands. Information that is wrong or inconclusive, where complete information is necessary for fulfilment of the order transaction, may be updated with information from 3rd party sources.

Out of security reasons, the IP-address used for the use of services is stored.

When you visit our websites, we automatically store information of the technology used, if you are using a laptop, tablet or mobile phone, which sites you visit and what you choose to click on, together with your geographic position and other user details which are part of our analytics service. This data is anonymous and not connected to other information we have collected about you.

We also use cookies on our websites for marketing purposes, in order for our visitor statistics to be reliable, and to improve the user experience on our pages. For information about cookies and how these are used, please see our cookie page.


Retrade can send you newsletters and other information by mail. You can choose to decline this, and in every email sent to you in connection with marketing, you can choose to unsubscribe or see and update information stored about you.

Retrade uses third party solutions for email services, marketing and customer service, such as Mailchimp, Facebook and Freshdesk. The service providers may be outside the EU. By using Retrade, you agree that Retrade may transfer stored data to other systems and subcontractors used by Retrade and that Retrade may use third party subcontractors to collect data from other systems where users agree to this.


Personal data is collected in order for Retrade to be able to fulfill the tasks and services we are obligated to according to laws, regulations and / or agreement.

The personal data may be handed over to a third party which Retrade is cooperating with, both within and outside of the EU in order for Retrade o be able to fulfill the tasks and services we are obligated to according to laws, regulations and / or agreement, and in accordance with this privacy statement.

In case there is a statutory duty of disclosure towards a public authority, registered personal data will be handed over in accordance with the authorities' requirements.

Inspection and correction You have the right to access to the information that is registered at any time. You can view and edit your personal information at any time in our services.

You may contact customer service at support@retrade.eu.

Storage and deletion

Retrade stores personal information about customers according to current legislation. When you delete or wish to unsubscribe from our services, any personal information, primarily your contact information, bid and invoice history, and copy of correspondence will remain in our registry to the extent necessary to protect legal or regulatory requirements. for documentation.


We use a combination of physical, electronic and procedural security to protect personal information. Information on your account is password protected. Your password will not be visible to Retrade as this is encrypted in our systems.

Since no data transfers over the Internet are 100% secure, we cannot guarantee or take responsibility for the security of any kind of information you send to us.

If Retrade becomes aware of a violation of one of the security systems, we will notify you in writing by email so that you can take the necessary protective measures. By using our services or providing us with personal information, you agree that Retrade can contact you electronically regarding security and privacy issues and administrative issues related to your use of the service.

Retrade is also obliged to notify a security breach to the Data Inspectorate within 72 hours after we have been aware of the breach.

Retrade is not responsible for any information you choose to store using our services and we can not guarantee any consequences as a result of security breaches.


Retrade may in some cases request a company certificate and copy of ID to identify customer relationships. In the event that you are asked to submit a copy of your ID, the social security number should be masked out.


In some cases, our services include links to other websites where privacy practices may differ from ours. If you submit personal information to any of these sites, this information is subject to their privacy policy. We encourage you to read carefully the privacy policy of all web pages you visit before you submit personal information.


Customers accept that Retrade reserves the right to make changes to the Privacy Statement on an ongoing basis. Significant changes to the Privacy Statement are notified in the same way as significant changes to our Terms and Conditions.


Product information
Where there is no contact information given in the auction text, the object is sold with the information that is presented.

Do you have questions regarding a closed auction?
Confirmation of highest bid is sent out every hour.
When you have the highest bid below reservation price when an auction closes, you will be contacted the next day if your bid is accepted by the seller.

Payment details are sent by email on the same day as the end of the auction. Your invoice will be available for download through you account.
After your payment is made, please expect 3-4 days (5-6 if international payment) before receiving an e-mail with contact details for pick up agreement.

For other questions please send us an e-mail:
E-post: support@retrade.eu or contact our support by phone +47 23897540 (Mon - Fri 8AM-6PM) Postal adress:
Myrens verksted 1A
0473 Oslo, Norway