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Parti 300+ T-skjorter og Gensere Vigdelsvegen 94, 4053 Ræge, Norway

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Started: 20.09.2022 14:00:00 Auction closes: 04.10.2022 14:00:00 CET

Product information and Technical condition


    Transport information

    • Transport dimension (L/W/H)1200/800/500
    • Transport weight (kg)200

    Additional features

      Other information

      Parti 300stk T-skjorter og gensere til Herre og Dame

      -BASS Kiss hettegensere
      S: 5stk
      M: 12stk
      L: 15stk
      XL: 13stk

      -BASS AC/DC hettegensere
      S: 3stk
      M: 4stk
      L: 3stk
      XL: 4stk

      -BASS Metallica hettegensere
      S: 1stk
      M: 2stk
      L: 3stk
      XL: 2stk

      -You-Brands Blue rebel white T-skjorter (0100 Antilope)
      XS: 15stk
      S: 15stk
      M: 5stk
      XXL: 3stk

      -You-Brands Blue rebel black T-skjorter (0100 Antilope)
      M: 5stk
      XL: 1stk
      XXL: 59stk

      -You Salmon T-skjorte V-hals, dame modell
      S: 6stk
      M: 2stk
      XL: 7stk

      -You-brands Sky skjorte (Style no. 618)
      S: 5stk
      M: 5stk
      L: 3stk

      -You brands Hettejakke, rød
      M: 3stk

      -You brands 8613 Brocton softshell jakke
      S: 11stk
      L. 2stk

      -Camus isabella hvit T-skjorte (Style no. 620, dame modell)
      L: 10stk
      XL: 25stk
      XXL. 11stk

      -Camus isabella sort T-skjorte (Style no. 620, dame modell)
      L: 31stk
      XL: 3stk

      -You brands 1990 Catania hvit T-skjorte
      M: 10stk
      L: 1stk

      -Med mer....

      Important sales information

      Seller Verktøybørsen Tjelta
      Location Vigdelsvegen 94, 4053 Ræge, Norway, Norway
      Sellers website

      Seller information

      Spørsmål vedrørende auksjons innholdet bes henvendes Verktøybørsen & Thomas Tjelta pr telefon: +4798626036

      General conditions

      • Sales commission is included in your bid. Handling charges and VAT is added when applicable.
      • Payment charges (kr 250,- / EUR 25) will be added.
      • All invoices have 5 days payment terms.
      • Payment must be registered before seller can be contacted for collection of purchased items
      • All purchases must be collected within 21 days. NOTE! We expect buyer and seller to cooperate on arranging collection according to the current restrictions and instructions from the authorities.
      • An agreement MUST be made with the seller prior to collection
      • The buyer is responsible for all costs with regards to pick up, transport and export.


      CUSTOMER ID Date/time Bid
      5036969 02.10.2022 07:04:59 3 000
      5036836 22.09.2022 21:48:43 2 500
      215130 22.09.2022 17:46:11 2 000
      5036821 22.09.2022 11:02:11 1 500
      5026217 20.09.2022 14:47:01 1 000
      Minimum start bid 1000
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