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Samson Slamsuger/spuler 2+4000 liter / Samson Sewage / flush HL-9600 Aars

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Started: 22.04.2021 14:00:00 Auction closed: 06.05.2021 14:19:35 CET

Product information


  • BrandSamson
  • CE-markedNo

Additional features

    Other information

    Samson Slamsuger/spuler 2+4000 liter

    Vognen er gennemgået af sælger og membraner er skiftet plus at der følger ekstra membraner med.
    Nye hydraulikslanger og Lys.
    suge/trykslanger i god stand
    cirka 500 meter spuleslange plus en slange en en mindre dimension(se billede)
    OBS. der er en O-ring ved membranpumpe som er lidt utæt (Ikke noget alarmerende)

    Maskinen er funktionstestet ved gennemgang, og er i funktionel stand. Ikke alle funktionaliteter er afprøvet ved gennemgang, men virkede ved sidste anvendelse, der er naturligt slitage som må forventes i forhold til timer og alder, der bør udføres service før den tages i brug.


    The trolley has been reviewed by the seller and the diaphragms have been replaced, plus extra diaphragms are included.
    New hydraulic hoses and Light.
    suction / pressure hoses in good condition
    about 500 meters flushing hose plus a hose a smaller dimension (see picture)
    NOTE. there is an O-ring at the diaphragm pump which is a little leaky (Nothing alarming)

    The object can be picked up by appointment. There will be help for the loading at the location. There is NO loading ramp at the location. The object must be picked up within 21 days of the auction ending. Retrade handles sales of this object/vehicle on behalf of the owner. All questions related to this auction can be directed to:
    NOTE: Applies to buyers outside Denmark. Transportation and pick-up is to be made of transport agent / freight forwarder and CMR document is mandatory, when received in destination country export declaration is to be send back to Retrade, mail: Pick-up without CMR documentation will be rejected. This auction object may have flaws that occur as a direct consequence of the materiel sometimes is standing still up to several months between registrations and pick up. Therefore, we cannot guaranty batteries functionality, functionality of brakes, electrical flaws, and other flaws related to the materiel is standing still.

    Important sales information

    Seller Henrik Langballe - Repr
    Location HL-9600 Aars, Denmark

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    CUSTOMER ID Date/time Bid
    1316389 06.05.2021 14:14:35 35 000
    5030979 06.05.2021 14:12:40 34 000
    1316389 06.05.2021 14:10:30 33 000
    5030979 06.05.2021 14:08:17 32 000
    1316389 06.05.2021 14:05:07 31 000
    5030979 06.05.2021 14:04:16 30 000
    1316389 06.05.2021 14:01:01 29 000
    5030979 06.05.2021 13:59:48 28 000
    1316389 06.05.2021 13:56:57 27 000
    5030979 04.05.2021 21:48:25 26 000
    5002162 02.05.2021 14:51:23 25 000
    1312910 26.04.2021 09:50:02 25 000
    5002162 02.05.2021 14:51:05 23 000
    5002162 02.05.2021 14:50:25 21 000
    5028790 28.04.2021 09:31:49 19 000
    5028790 28.04.2021 09:31:01 17 000
    5002162 23.04.2021 20:17:11 13 000
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