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UTIS - Subsea equipment. Winch, HPU-containers. 2 complete systems. Ågotnes / Hamretomten

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Started: 06.07.2019 14:00:00 Auction closed: 12.08.2019 14:17:32 CET

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      Selger anbefaler besiktigelse av varens tilstand. Utstyret kan være benyttet offshore. Spørsmål eller ønske om besiktigelse sendes Selger refunderer ikke MVA til internasjonale kjøpere. Kjøper er selv ansvarlig for å søke om refusjon av MVA. Kjøper må avhente kjøpt materiell senest 14 dager etter betalt vare. NB For materiell som trenger utvidet assistanse fra basepersonell for pålasting kan kostnader påløpe for kjøper (gjelder ikke enklere løft med truck). Alle partier selges Ex.Works.
      Equinors materiell ligger på tollager, og må etter salg fortolles inn i Norge. Dette utføres av Retrade sammen med Equinors speditør. Dette medfører hverken kostnader eller oppgaver for kjøper.
      Materiellet blir ikke utlevert før fortollingen har funnet sted.


      Winch, HPU Container, control container and PDU unit.
      2 Complete systems, incl. hydraulic hoses + electro cabels.

      The systems are stored outdoors, but in relative good condition.
      An inspection should be conducted.

      Control containers are +20 years.
      Produced by Kongsberg Offshore.

      Please see pictures. Seller recommends inspection. The equipment may have been used offshore. Questions or requests for inspection to be made to: The Equipment shall be collected within 14 days after payment. Seller does not refund VAT (MVA) to international buyers. Buyer is responsible for applying for a possible refund from the authorities.). Please note that with required assistance from base personell for loading objects, cost for the buyer may occur (not simple lifts with fork lift). All lots are sold Ex. Works. Equinor goods is stocked in a customs warehouse, and need to be customs cleared before delivery. We are doing this with Equinor forwarding agent. This entails nor cost or tasks for the buyer.
      The goods can not be picked up until customs clearing has been done.

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      Seller Equinor
      Location Ågotnes / Hamretomten, Norway

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      • The buyer is responsible for all costs with regards to pick up, transport and export.


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      5021458 12.08.2019 14:04:48 240 000
      205782 12.08.2019 14:03:03 227 000
      5021458 12.08.2019 13:59:01 225 000
      205782 12.08.2019 13:58:03 206 000
      5021458 12.08.2019 13:41:45 204 000
      220914 07.07.2019 20:25:41 100 000
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