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Batch of 15 train sets, type MR/MRD Fredericia

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Started: 28.05.2015 14:00:00 Auction closed: 02.07.2015 21:00:00 CET

Product information


  • BrandScandia / Uerdingen
  • ModelMR / MRD

Other information

15 (fifteen) used train sets, type MR/MRD, to be sold in one batch.

The MR/MRD train sets (2-car units) are stored at DSB Vedligehold A/S' depot in Fredericia (Egumvej 55).

The train sets have been used by Arriva Denmark during the period 2003 - 2010. The train sets were serviced and maintained by Arriva during that period. DSB is currently operating approx. 50 sets of MR/MRD train sets.

The train sets for sale on this auction, have been located at the depot of DSB Vedligehold A/S in Fredericia since 2010. Since 2012 the train sets are no longer certified for passenger traffic in Denmark.

The train sets were operational until withdrawal from service in 2010. The train sets are stored outdoor, with locked doors and without heating or power supply. The train sets have been exposed to various degrees of vandalism (broken windows etc.) and graffiti on the exterior.

The train sets were built during the period 1978-1985 in Uerdingen and / or at Scandia Randers. Until 2003 they were operated by DSB for regional traffic in Denmark. The train sets were subject to major overhauls during the periods 1995-1997 and 2005-2008. From 2003 to 2010 Arriva Denmark leased the train sets. Arriva returned the train sets in operational condition in 2010. Each train set has a capacity for 130 passengers (112 seats + 18 tip-up seats).

Traction/power pack: 2 x 12 cyl. Deutz diesel engines (2 x 237 kw / 2 x 322 hp) with hydraulic Voith transmission. Two motor bogies and two trailer bogies. Oil heated hot water system. Pneumatic brake system and magnetic rail brake. ATC system operational in Denmark. Screw coupling system. Max speed 130 km/h. Car bodies steel / aluminium. Closed toilet system.

Fuel tank 875 litres. Lubricating oil tank of 65 litres. Sand 50 kg. Toilet tank 200 litres. Water tank 200 litres.

Length 44.68 meters (train set) / 21.7 meters (unit). Width 2.88 meters. Height 3.81 meters. Height of floor 1.22 meters. 4 doors / double doors, steps. Weight 74.6 tons (one train set). For track gauge 1435 mm / min. diameter of track curve radius 90 meters.

The photos of the exterior are representative and were taken in May 2015. The photos of the interior are depicting similar train sets currently operated by DSB and are therefore to be considered as indicative only.

The train sets type MR/MRD are 2-car DMUs. Up to five sets of trains may be coupled. The MRs only have seats. The MRDs contain seats and large storage room (for bicycles, prams, luggage, etc.). The train sets are also equipped with have vacuum toilets.

The train sets have no particle filters. A report from 2015 shows high amounts of ultra-fine particles on exhaust from the MR train sets in general. No asbestos report/investigation has been made, but to the best of DSB's knowledge there should be no asbestos in these train sets.

The train sets are sold with a Danish ATC and Danish radio mounted. However, the ATC system and/or radio may have been dismantled from some of the train sets.

See below for terms.

See attached documents for pictures and further technical details.


The train sets are sold in the state and mechanical condition which they are in when taken over by buyer (see photos). Buyer has to take into account the risk of further vandalism / graffiti as from the time when the photos were taken and/or when the Buyer inspected the train sets and until the train sets are collected.

Mechanically, the train sets are of an older technology which seems robust. Buyer must expect to perform major cleaning and maintenance prior to use; also broken windows and interior defects must be expected. Some extent of corrosion on the exterior paint has been found, and rubber strips are missing at several places. Buyer must expect costs for bringing the train sets in operational condition. Buyer must be aware that there can be missing equipment in some train sets.

The train sets are sold in the state and condition which they are in, when they are taken over by Buyer. DSB does not provide any representations or warranties whatsoever, including - but not limited to - regarding the function of the train sets, their condition or hidden damages.

Only the train sets used by Arriva are sold on this particular auction. There are some photos showing train sets from DSB, but these train sets are not included in the auction.

The train sets must be towed from location. Rail or special trailer may be used. If Buyer uses a special trailer, additional costs for towing the train sets from the Fredericia depot to Fredericia harbour must be taken into account. At Fredericia harbour, further loading onto special trailer or ship can be made. We do not expect a special trailer to be able to enter the Fredericia railway area. Bidders are encouraged to inspect the Fredericia railway area prior to bidding and to consider possibilities on location. Retrade can advise regarding external towing capacity or rental.

If Buyer is towing the train sets by rail to other locations than the Fredericia harbour, Buyer must expect further costs, for measures to be taken, in order to obtain authority approval for towing the train sets.

Costs for obtaining this approval have been estimated to approx. 3 million DKK (2014) for all train sets. Buyer has to carry this cost. Depending on the specific circumstances, DSB may be willing to assist with workshop capacity for the purpose of enabling the train sets to be towed. Such arrangement will be subject to a separate agreement between Buyer and DSB, including payment for the services to be provided. The workshop is close to the Fredericia depot.

Buyer has to ensure the presence of a SR2 (security) leader during all work and towing at the railway area at the Fredericia depot. The leader must be trained according to DSB's safety regulations. Bringing a SR2 leader during inspection prior to bidding may be useful to the bidder. Buyer has to cover his own costs for SR2 support, however Retrade can give advice regarding external SR2 contacts.

Buyer is responsible for obtaining all necessary approvals from the Danish Transport Authority "Trafikstyrelsen" for towing / transport.

Bidders are encouraged to inspect the train sets prior to bidding / buying. Inspection will be possible on the 8th of June from 11:00 to 14:00. Notice to participate in inspection should be given not later than 4th of June 2015, at 16:00 by e-mail,, or phone +45 28 73 10 10.

All available documentation (pdf files) for the train sets will be sent electronically to Buyer in connection with the collection of the train sets, unless otherwise agreed by Buyer and DSB.

Buyer has to collect the train sets within a period of 4 weeks, starting the date, payment has been received at DSB. The collection must be completed within 15 working days. DSB will make staff available 2 hours per working day. Further hours shall be paid by Buyer. In such case a separate agreement will be made between Buyer and DSB.

Important sales information

Seller DSB Fjern- & Regionaltog
Location Fredericia, Denmark

General conditions

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  • Payment charges (kr 250,- / EUR 25) will be added.
  • All invoices have 5 days payment terms.
  • Payment must be registered before seller can be contacted for collection of purchased items
  • All purchases must be collected within 21 days
  • An agreement MUST be made with the seller prior to collection
  • The buyer is responsible for all costs with regards to pick up, transport and export.


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