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Putsmeister BSA 1407 D5/Putzmeister RV123-Lift-5.5z Härryda

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    Type: BSA 1407 D5
    Year: 2021
    350 bar
    71/106 Bar
    Weight: 4260 kg

    Type: RV123-Lift-5.5z
    Year: 2021
    Pressure: 85 bar
    Weight: 1100 kg

    Powerful stationary concrete pump with low emissions with 105 kW diesel engine

    The BSA 1407 D5 meets the Tier 5 emissions stage with more power and reduced fuel consumption to increase your competitiveness at work. The BSA 1407 D5 is Deutz diesel powered and is designed for medium distances in civil engineering.


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    Sælger / Repr: AGN Haga AB
    Lokation Härryda, Sweden

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    the Directive 2006/42/CE (as subsequently amended and supplemented) as well as of
    the law applicable in the country where the Goods shall be used.

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    As well as shipping documents and CMR documents are written by the buyer or the transport company.
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    If these conditions are not met, no extradition will be made.

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