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Stationary vacuum cleaner SEBF-II Riga, Latvia

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    Stationary vacuum cleaner SEBF-II

    There is machine card from the factory (purchased in 2004), a few important points from this card are listed in the appendix.

    The machine works from 380V, it was used by our company for collecting abrasive after clearing of metal structures.

    The vacuum unit is technically functional.

    Sold with reservoir for abrasive and hoses

    A fork lift is usually available in all industrial comapnies and there are often bins available for dust and waste inside or outside the works. The SEBF-II Discharge System can easily be connected to most bins, bags or similar, which makes the SEBF-II the most suitable choice.
    The high suction capacity together with it's flexible discharge system makes the unit very useful in most vacuum cleaning situations. Due to it's flexibility the unit gets access to most areas where cleaning needs to be carried out without the use of a fixed pipe network, and is also suited for material that shall be recycled or enclosed in bags and similar.

    Manufacturers of Cement, Lime, Gypsum, Tiles, Concrete, Chemicals, Plastics, Fertilizer and Alumina. Foundries, Steel mills, Pulp-and Paper Industry, Quarries, Bakeries, Work Shops, Contractors, Shipyards.

    For general cleaning and bulk suction in any industrial application where high capacity is required together withflexibility, mobility, reliability and low noise level.

    For questions, please contact sales partner representative:
    Olegs Gavrilovs at +371 26077674.

    Vigtig salgsinformation

    Sælger Sales Partner Latvia
    Lokation Riga, Latvia, EU

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